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Why Disney is standing on shaky ground, despite major successes

Imagine this: You are the head executive of a major media corporation. It made a major acquisition and has acquired more high-profile products, and current properties are doing extremely well. Profit margins on major products are insanely high, and there are several assets set to be released to consumers. This means that the company is having an extremely successful year.

Well, kind of — and that’s the kind of year Disney is having. By almost every means of financial gains, Disney is having an insanely great year. But, thanks to some of the issues with the Disney-Fox merger and a falling out with Sony, the company sometimes described as the place “where dreams come true” is addressing several nightmares.

Disney has had a seesaw of a year. Yes, they have had major hits and probably millions of subscribers coming to Disney+. However, the costs of the Disney-Fox merger and other shady deals have left the studio looking incredibly cold. Yes, the goal of a studio is to make money, but Disney is holding the heavy burden of maintaining the integrity of the film industry, and they are choosing to focus on event pictures rather than giving us deep, thoughtful films.

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