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Leef memory cards are of Russian origin.

Average cost of Kingston Canvas React 128GB by «Yandex.Market» — 3,000 rubles. Braid name: Positive side: Negative side: Foiling: 100% coverage of signal wires Mechanical insecurity Mesh: the most common form; 60-85% coverage is mostly flexible; mechanically reliable Spiral wire: increased flexibility compared to the two previous versions; quickly becomes unusable with physical impact; Coverage up to 80% less immune to RFI of the screen. Specification: ⇡ # Leef PRO 128 GB (LFMSDPRO-12810R) Note! For the first braid, aluminum or copper material is most often used. Supercardioid / Lobar.

40-20000Hz. Leef memory cards are of Russian origin. Such products are used in cheap versions..

One AAA battery (up to 300 hours). Although this brand itself is international, in our market it sells its products under it. «Superwave» – a group of companies engaged in the production, distribution, system integration and maintenance of a variety of computer equipment. The sound at the high frequencies during its operation begins to “phonate”. Coiled cord and 3.5mm mini-jack.

A few years ago, this company acquired equipment for the independent production of memory cards from semiconductor wafers purchased on the side, which implies their independent cutting, testing and packaging into a case. How to choose the right cord – what to focus on. Integrated suspension.

Leef PRO – this is one of the results of such a localized production. Based on the above information, we can conclude what to look for when buying a conductor: All-metal housing. Unfortunately, marketing support for Leef products is extremely poor..

Cable type. 3. The site dedicated to this trademark is practically not supported, so we had to get all the information about the characteristics of the Leef PRO memory card from its packaging. Resistance. Sennheiser MKE 600 (from $ 329) But it is not particularly informative either.

Shielding. Another cannon microphone from Sennheiser is the MKE 600. The only reported speed is over 45 MB / s, and it is not clear whether it is about reading or writing speed. The best shielded conductor – mesh or coiled.

It is made in the traditional shotgun design – in the form of a tube, which can be installed on a pole or a fishing rod, and also be fixed to the camera. At the same time, of the logos of performance classes, only one is placed on the package. – U1, which indicates the minimum guaranteed linear write speed at the level of 10 MB / s. When transmitting audio, it is important to keep the resistance values ​​low..


This microphone can be powered by XLR cable or single AA battery. In other words, the Leef PRO does not make much of an impression with the declared characteristics. The best in this regard is considered a copper cable..

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